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We humans can influence and guide our dog's behavior by first understanding the basics of how our dog's mind works. What is our dog's true nature and what does our dog need to truly be happy and fulfilled? 

Temporarily Discontinued - Dog Training

To attain that special balanced relationship that can exist between dog and owner,
we believe it is essential for us to understand how our interactions with our dog strongly influence his or her behavior.


Dog behavioral issue resolution and training should be effective and easy for a dog owner to grasp. We start by teaching dog owners basic dog psychology, which will help them to understand what a dog needs to find fulfillment and happiness in his life. We teach people how to communicate with their dogs to enhance the bond they have. Next, we work with the dog to address a specific behavior problem while the dog owner observes. Then, we engage dog owners in the process so they get experience and a feel for what is required to continue to influence the dog's behavior going forward. The methods we use to correct and change a dog's behavior are not only very humane, they never involve hitting, yelling, lunging, or physically making your dog become submissive.

Rescue and Adoption Dogs 

  • Obedience (come, sit, stay)

  • Behavior (fear, anxiety, introducing a new pet, destruction)

"We train dogs one person at a time!"

You Lucky Dog

Sumo Love

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