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Our Place

The pooches love to play in our INDOOR AND OUTDOOR ACTIVITY AREAS!  Our facility features over 15,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor romping room.  Our indoor area is air conditioned, has several TVs, and resembles a comfortable home environment. Our Outdoor Areas are covered with K9 grass, and have elevated cooling beds, a pool, shaded areas and plenty of play equipment to accommodate dogs of all energy levels! The dogs spend time inside and outside depending on the weather. 


We are an environmentally friendly pet care facility that promotes health and wellness through the use of only non-toxic, all-natural products for air purification/aromatherapy and cleaning!  We care deeply for your dog's overall health and well-being therefore we surround your dog with the most comfortable surroundings and only use wholesome products in our facility.  Whether they are playing in our daycare or spending the evening with us at a sleepover, they will be surrounded by a safe and non-toxic atmosphere.  We offer a soothing collection of music, a relaxing aromatherapeutic scent in the air and plenty of calming physical attention.  We strive to make your dog's stay a safe, fun and comfortable experience they will want to enjoy time and time again!

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